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  • How to cancel my subscription after the free trial?
    1. Log in your member on website 2. Click on your member area (top right hand side) 3. Find and click My subscription 4. Click cancel subscription
  • Can I still access the class if I cancel subscription before 14 dyas trial end?
    You can cancel any time before the trial end, still can enjoy the benefit up to 14 days! However, if you did not cancel the subscription, the payment will automatically charge after your 14 days trial period.
  • What is All-Rounder Plan included ?
    You can access unlimited Yoga/Pilates/Zumba/Floor Barre (excluded Kid's ballet)
  • How to book a class?
    1. After you purchase the class, please log in your member area to book a class 2. You will also receive an email for booking instructions
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