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Best Value


  • Unlimited access to Yoga/Pilates/Zumba/Floor Barre (adult only)


    Duration Varies

  • Basic ballet barre training from the standing position to the floor


    45 min

  • Class will incorporate gentle stretching and strengthening movement

    星期二, 星期五

    1 hr

  • The class covers the basic movements, breath and spinal stability


    1 hr

  • Prefect class for 5-8 yrs young ballet lovers


    45 min

  • Zumba is a fitness programme combining dance and fitness.

    星期四, 星期日

    1 hr

  • Build up a strong core with a toning and sculpting Pilates workout


    45 min

  • Focus on circular motions and flexibility in the shoulders and hips.


    45 min


£30/6 classes

£20/4 classes

£50/8 classes

£30/10 classes

£45/6 classes

£20/4 classes

  • Best optional for all your favorite classes

  • Access to Pilates/ Yoga/ Zumba/ Floor Barre unlimited online classes

  • Valid for one month

  • Valid for one month

  • Good start for beginners​

  • Valid for one 6 weeks

  • Good start for Pilates beginners​

  • ​​access for video Recording

  • ​Valid for two month

  • Fast paced Pilates workout

  • Valid for six weeks

  • Perfect for the dance and fitness lovers​

  • After class video access for 3 days

  • Valid for two month

  • After class video included 

  • Valid for 8 weeks

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